This is a bit better from Mother as it pitches Stella against Heineken’s ‘open your world’

Stella Artois is trying desperately to recapture its decades-old position as a premium lager and new agency Mother has been going down the Lowe & Partners route by emphasising its ‘Frenchness,’ even though it’s Belgian (or was).

Heineken’s ‘open your world’ campaign from Wieden+Kenndedy Amsterdam is making the running in the global beer stakes these days but Mother is a worthy opponent.

This one carries on the French Sixties theme of the previous ads, featuring a Jean-Pierre Leaud lookalike, J-P was Francois Truffaut’s favourite actor, and a brunette version of a young Brigitte Bardot. Plus a bit of Sir Walter Raleigh.

C’est charmante, n’est ce-pas?

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