O&M boss Miles Young on why Cannes is worth it

Ogilvy & Mather CEO Miles Young is one of those urbane Englishmen running big chunks of the ad world (Andrew Robertson at BBDO, David Jones at Havas, Sir Martin of course but is he urbane?) and here he is, courtesy of the enterprising Adweek, telling us why Cannes is important to head honchos like him.

Interesting what he says about David Ogilvy’s attitude to Cannes (he hated it but it was somewhat different in those days, being solely for creative luvvies). Ogilvy was a direct marketer at heart, which is where Young began his rise to fame.

And about the invasion by the online crew, Google and others, trying to persuade clients that they don’t need agencies (he’s too polite to put it this way but that’s what he means).

Nice hat too.

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