Now the Mirror and former editor Piers Morgan are dragged into UK phone hacking allegations

It was only a matter of time of course, the Mirror (Daily Mirror as was) has long pursued the same rocky tabloid path as its much bigger rival the Sun and the Sun’s Sunday sibling the News of the World.

Both the Sun and the News of the World are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News corporation. The Mirror is owned by Trinity Mirror which also publishes Sunday titles the Sunday Mirror and The People.

So far, miraculously, the huge and growing scandal about phone hacking by newspapers in the UK has concentrated almost exclusively on the News of the World.

But everyone involved in newspapers knows that they were all up to it, as is becoming more publicly evident thanks to the new focus on another dodgy private investigator Jonathan Rees.

And it’s emerged that Rees was working for the Mirror as well as the News of the World (and, one would assume, the Sun) when the Mirror was edited between 1995 and 2004 by current CNN talk show host Piers Morgan (pictured), which ratchets the scandal up a few notches.

Morgan was a former editor of the News of the World.

Among the victims of Rees and his company Southern Investigations are reported to be Kate Middleton and Tony Blair.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the weekend.

Hacking is still the biggest story in town in the UK. But the tabloid papers hate writing about themselves (with good reason, you might agree).

The high profile and loquacious Morgan, who still writes a column for the Mail on Sunday, has been remarkably silent on this issue so far.

Maybe he’ll enlighten us?

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