News International boss Rebekah Brooks was bugged by her own organisation!

Well sort of, apparently Rebekah Brooks (Rebekah Wade as she then was) had her phone hacked by News of the World private investigator Glenn Mulcaire when she was editor of the Sunday paper’s daily stablemate the Sun.

Or so the police think anyway.

Which makes you think and what it makes you think particularly is that this phone hacking business all became some sort of giant game, we can do it to X so why not Y?

Of course Mulcaire, who was jailed for intercepting Royal Household voicemails back in 2007 along with NoW royal correspondent Clive Goodman, may have been busily intercepting La Wade’s messages on his own account, not the orders of his paymasters at the paper (who still remain hidden from public view).

So will Rebekah be suing News international (of which she is CEO) for the £100,000 or so the company seems prepared to dish out to persistent hacking claimants?

Doubt it, she’ll probably get a raise instead.

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