Network BBDO in Joburg wins Cannes radio Grand Prix for the second time in three years

And in 2010 they didn’t award a radio Grand Prix.

So Network BBDO Johannesburg can claim with some justification to be the best radio agency in the world, winning the Grand Prix this year for its ‘Accident Avoidance Features’ for Mercedes and in 2009 with a campaign for Virgin Atlantic.

The agency also won two Gold Lions for its Galderma skincare client.

Here’s one of the scripts for an ad titled ‘Love.’

“Now she whistles love songs to me as she cleans her gun. I think she’s had me micro-chipped because I once woke up groggy on a vet’s table and because I beep every time I exit a shop. Airport security has become unbearable. She eats buffalo wings without spitting out the bones. None of her shirts have sleeves. She knows stuff about me that I haven’t even told her. Mostly banking codes. And I’m pretty sure she sleeps with her eyes open. To think, if I’d been driving a Mercedes-Benz with Blind Spot Assist, one of their smart accident-avoidance systems, we never, never would’ve met.”

Make ’em laugh is the rule for award-winning radio commercials, something we seem to have forgotten in the dismal old UK which didn’t even make the radio shortlist.

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