Kevin Shute’s Rainmaker media company becomes a ‘green’ poster contractor for Ricoh

UK outdoor executive Kevin Shute has always been one of the mavericks of the industry and now he’s built on his connections with Ricoh in Japan to build the UK’s first outdoor advertising tower powered solely by renewable energy.

The Ricoh tower, which is powered by 96 solar panels and five wind turbine engines, is located next to the M4 elevated section in London’s Chiswick Chiswick opposite the JC Decaux digital tower called The Torch. The tower will be completed on June 27.

The entrance to the M4 is one of the prime sites in London as posters are visible to the heavy traffic on its way to and from Heathrow Airport.

Shute, who worked in senior roles at the companies which became Clear Channel and JC Decaux in the UK before launching US-owned Van Wagner in the UK and selling it to Clear Channel in 2006, set up media advisory firm Rainmaker in 2008.

This is its first foray into outdoor poster sites and the deal was done direct with Ricoh in Japan.

“Ricoh is an environmentally conscious company that puts its money where its mouth is,” says Shute.

“I reckon a conventionally-powered digital tower like this would burn its way through about £150,000 of electricity a year, more if they were a Scottish Power customer.”

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