IPA and News International launch app for adfolk

The UK IPA Strategy Group and News International are launching the industry’s first iPad and iPhone app, Fast Strategy, for planners and strategists.

The free app has been designed to provide planners and strategists with “practical and motivational tips to help them when they are staring at a blank page or are drowning in data.”

It allows users to read, rank and rate the tips on the app, share them via social media, and allows anyone from around the world to upload their own. The IPA says this will
aid and unite planners on a global scale.

New IPA president Nicola Mendelsohn, who’s obviously determined to knock the UK’s recalcitrant adfolk into shape, says: “As I pledged in my inaugural speech, my aim is to create a new generation of creative pioneers by developing better skills and creating better connections.

“This app will address both of these areas; by sharing advice through technology on an industry-wide and global scale, ultimately we will become smarter and more valuable to our clients.”

The app can be downloaded here.

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