Here’s a great ‘Arab Spring’ ad for News 24 – but why do I feel a twinge of something like sympathy for Colonel Gaddafi?

Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi is obviously a nasty piece of work, persecuting his people in all sorts of horrible ways as the ‘Arab Spring’ tries to unseat him alongside other Middle Eastern dictators.

And here’s a terrific ad for French and Arabic news channel France 24 from Paris agency Marcel pillorying the evil old bastard,

But just a couple of years ago the British government, serried ranks of BP oil executives and former prime minister Tony Blair were crawling over him; cosying up to a cruel dictator sitting on five per cent of global oil reserves.

No doubt the French were too.

If it’s right to consign Gaddafi to oblivion now (by aiming cruise missiles and other ordnance at his various compounds) it was surely wrong to lick his arse a couple of years ago?

It’s no wonder Arabs and others distrust the West.

But it’s still a clever ad.

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