Heineken’s ‘the date’ commercial gets two million viewers and it isn’t on TV until September

Which is pretty good good going and probably a sign that Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is in with a pretty good chance of emulating its Portland big brother last year and coming away with a pile of gongs at this week’s Cannes Lions awards.

‘The date’ is the latest in Heineken’s ‘open your world’ campaign which is the best current execution of the ‘cheesy but cool’ approach now favoured by the world’s beer producers.

Since it launched on YouTube in May it has been viewed two million times making it one of the most successful of a series of W+K films, some, but not all, of which have run on broadcast TV.

This is nirvana for advertisers of course, attracting a huge global audience without the bother of paying broadcast media costs.

For alcoholic drinks advertisers it’s especially good as they can still find an outlet without bothering about rules like only being able to advertise before 9pm ‘watersheds.’ And, in ‘the date,’ the hero actually gets to drink the stuff.

For ad agencies it’s a mixed blessing: they need to be able to make freewheeling films which can also double as commercials (a good thing if they’re good enough) but leave themselves open to other filmmakers muscling in on their act.

And agencies which only feel comfortable with 30-second selling messages are even more vulnerable to brighter outfits like W+K Amsterdam.

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