Greenpeace opens campaign against Volkswagen with spoof Darth Vader ad

You make an ad featuring a cute little poppet (albeit one dressed as Star Wars villain Darth Vader) and what happens? Environmental campaign group Greenpeace persuades its chums in the ad business to produce a merciless (and funny) spoof of it.

Greenpeace has decided that the mighty VW, now far and away Europe’s biggest car producer, has been speaking with forked tongue about its environmental credentials and ambitions, saying the right things but opposing environmental legislation with all its considerable power.

So, as well as launching this spoof of the US Super Bowl ad by Deutsch, Greenpeace activists have been clambering all over the UK’s biggest poster site in Moorgate, London to install spoof ads while others dressed as stormtroopers have been demonstrating outside VW’s UK headquarters in Milton Keynes.

More details on the campaign here.

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  1. Avatar

    Absolutely brilliant! Do you know which agency Greenpeace is working with?

  2. Avatar

    No, think it’s a group of helpers. Anyone willing to own up?