Multi-talented editor Simon ‘Scissorhands’ Kelner stars in viral for i newspaper

You couldn’t imagine Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail or John Witherow of the Sunday Times appearing in their own ads (has there ever been a picture of Witherow?) but Simon Kelner (pictured), who edits both the Independent and its new cut-down i version, has never been the retiring type.

Not content with editing two newspapers (and writing a column for i) he’s also style mag GQ’s restaurant critic, which saves owner Alexander Lebedev some expenses presumably.

The newspaper was recently instructed to pull an ad by McCann Erickson which claimed that it didn’t print celeb gossip (it does although like most ‘quality’ newspapers in the UK it dresses it up as something else, event coverage and the like).

Whether it’s in response to this or not we know not but busy bee Kelner is now appearing, Edward Scissorhands style, in a viral campaign for i, courtesy of Big Al’s Creative Emporium.

It’s rather good. Is there anything this man can’t do?

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