Cannes outdoor Grand Prix for Droga5 and Jay-Z, media for Cheil and Tesco Homeplus

Well what to make of these?

Droga5’s campaign for Jay-Z’s autobiography Decoded is a treasure hunt, with clues to be found at various outdoor destinations.

Cheil’s campaign is for an online store where you can order via your smartphone and then Tesco Homeplus delivers it to you.

Both efforts are undoubtedly creative – and it is the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity we’re talking about – but somehow a bit marginal.

Droga5 for Jay-Z fine, but it would be hard to market a more everyday product this way.

Cheil’s ‘virtual store’ for Tesco Homeplus (the Homeplus bit is owned by Samsung which has a close relationship with Cheil) has obviously been a huge success. But is it a media idea? Surely it’s a retail idea.

Anyway we shouldn’t be grudging.

Little joy for the Brits again; just a gold for BBH and Google in outdoor and another in media for OMD and Nissan/PlayStation.

I can sense a row brewing here with some factions saying that these awards are too bloody creative, to the point of awarding gimmicks and games. But, as it says on the tin…

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