Was Harold Camping’s $100m Judgement Day ad campaign the biggest waste of money in the history of advertising?

Well it certainly looks that way as 89-year old Harold got his computations wrong, although the Family Radio founder still says that something dramatic might happen on or before October 21 this year, his closing date for Armageddon.

This is from the Christian Post.

A longtime employee at Family Radio said Harold Camping spent around $100 million to advertise his May 21 end times prediction.

Matt Tuter, Family Radio’s international projects manager, said most of that money came not from donations, but from the sale of property – more specifically, KFTL television and an FM station.

“A lot of reporters have got it wrong,” he told The Christian Post. “The largest portion of money did not come from donors.”

All that money, nevertheless, was basically used “to make a fool of himself to the whole world,” Tuter commented.

Quite so.

Will Harold be sued by the authorities for misleading advertising? Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority would certainly take a dim view of such unproven claims.

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