UK adland dads launch ‘keep footy beautiful’ campaign

Well it’s a jolly brave attempt by a group of London adland parents headed by Matthew Charlton, CEO of the new London outpost of Havas network BETC, to persuade children (and adults, who often behave worse than the kids) to act with a modicum of civility when participating in the so-called beautiful game of football.

It’s a clever idea to show seven year-old kids in class behaving like their supposed elders and betters do on a football field. The campaign invites football devotees to sign up to a better behaviour pledge on Facebook.

It’s an interesting question actually: has football ever really been beautiful as a sport? There have been beautiful moments of course from the likes of George Best, Lionel Messi and the notorious Diego Maradona.

But Maradona sums it up really, sublime skill but lots of other stuff besides.

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