Thorntons’ bad results show the UK is finally tiring of Easter eggs

And not before time for these over-priced, over-packaged confections comprising remarkably little chocolate.

It’s tough on UK chocolate independent Thorntons of course, whose task in keeping its end up in the UK High Street against the likes of Kraft/Cadbury and Nestle just became a lot harder after it announced that its profits this year would be cut by a third as Easter egg sales slumped.

Thorntons is blaming the sales disaster on the unseasonally hot UK weather (it’s been hotter than Barcelona for the past three weeks) but, in reality, UK consumers have tired of these silly, tinselly packages. They don’t melt before you get them home.

All the big makers were discounting their Easter eggs as soon as they started selling them (admittedly that comes soon after Christmas these days).

Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come: no more Easter eggs and maybe no more Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and Red Nose Day and St Valentine’s Day, all of which have become excuses to foist a load more recycling material on the cash-strapped UK populace.

No, that would be too much to hope for.

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