So who’s the UK Premiership footballer suing Twitter?

Well I presume it’s the same one who is demanding that his lawyers go through former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie’s emails and texts to find out who Kelvin thinks was dancing the tango with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas (pictured).

If it’s the same one he’s certainly pretty anxious to hide something and, surely, riding for a fall and someone or other (probably protected by Parliamentary privilege) will spill the beans before too long. Let’s face it, this guy is becoming pretty annoying.

But he will also go down in the history of social networking for being the first person to sue Twitter for being named on the site when he didn’t want to be. And he can’t even score (whoops)!

He’s almost as annoying as exposed banker Sir Fred Goodwin.

But who is it?

Well my fingers tremble over the keyboard but I’m not sure.

The person I thought was doing it last week isn’t the one (I’m told). The most litigious footballer in the history of footballers is apparently a rather lesser figure (but still able to afford loads of £50,000 injunctions etc).

This is all getting too silly and I reckon the identity of the legal world’s Carlos Kickaball will break in the UK papers on Sunday.

Surely some editor will say – this is all completely stupid and let’s get it over with?

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