‘Small car, big on Audi’ says BBH in campaign for Audi’s new A1

Well it’s not the most elegant line from Bartle Bogle Hegarty but you get the point.

The new Audi A1 is the successor its A2 (rather confusingly) which failed to cut the mustard sales-wise apart from the odd sighting in Waitrose car parks.

The A2 was deemed expensive for a not particularly exciting or good-looking package, basically inviting consumers to pay a premium for the Audi badge.

‘Small car, big on Audi’ seems to be the same strategy although the new motor is reported to be much better.

Small cars from premium makers have had a chequered history (there was the famous case of the Mercedes A Class being upended by an elk on a test drive drive exercise for amused motoring journalists) but BMW has recently stolen a march with its 1 Series saloon which has become the boy racer’s car of choice (that’s if they can’t afford an M3).

Mercedes is bringing out a new A Class sometime soon which abandons the dumpy looks of the current model in favour of aggressive sportiness.

Despite the punchy advertising the A1 might struggle against such opposition.

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