Shredded Wheat dumps macho challenge for Superfruity version

It’s always a shame when a great campaign runs out of gas and Shredded Wheat, the venerable breakfast cereal marketed by Cereal Partners in the UK and Kraft in the US, is famous for its ‘three Shredded Wheat’ campaign which in the UK featured such macho characters as cricketer Ian Botham and football managers Brian Clough and Jack Charlton.

Here’s Botham (who was still making Shredded Wheat ads for McCann Erickson a few years ago) tackling the man-sized breakfast in his 1980s heyday. It was directed by Alan Blake for CDP, among the last knockings of that great agency’s great era.

Botham, Clough and Charlton would no doubt have recoiled in horror from Superfruity Shredded Wheat (unless someone paid them not to of course) but this is a perky new film from McCann, production company Not to Scale and directing duo National Television.

National Television – Shredded Wheat – Super Fruity from Not To Scale on Vimeo.

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