Production studio Psyop cleans up for Castrol (and the car market as a whole)

Traditionally ads for cars and even more so the car accessories market have been much of a muchness (although BBH in the UK for Audi and DDB and Deutsch in the UK and US respectively have bravely bent the apparently inflexible rules).

Show a nice test drive along the cliffs or through the mountains or, in the case of BP’s everlasting oil brand Castrol, some remarkably clean-looking unctuous liquid.

US production studio Psyop recently worked its magic for Citroen to enliven a driving ad and now it’s been enlisted by Ogilvy & Mather New York to make circulating oil interesting for Castrol.

The message seems to be, if you’ve got a car-type script for a car ad, send for Psyop.

Although it’s debatable whether the finished product is better than this classic from the 1980s with the trademark Mahler Seventh Symphony music (by Ogilvy UK I think).

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