Procter & Gamble moves award-winning Old Spice client James Moorhead to Gillette

Old Spice brand manager James Moorhead is one of the most famous clients in the world just now (a mixed blessing perhaps on one’s way up the corporate ladder) and Old Spice owner Procter & Gamble is moving him to another bigger brand cum company, Gillette, as associate marketing director.

For Old Spice the youthful Moorhead commissioned Wieden+Kennedy’s lavishly awarded “the man your man could smell like’ campaign featuring actor Isaiah Mustafa.

There could hardly be a bigger contrast with some of the advertising produced for Gillette recently which somehow or other escaped from BBDO New York.

And then of course there was the notorious campaign featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry impersonating Milk Tray men.

This campaign has mercifully been laid to rest as Gillette dropped Woods over his exciting private life at the end of 2010.

So has Moorhead been moved to shake up Gillette’s advertising?

Gillette is a huge company in its own right (P&G acquired it for a still pretty mind-boggling $57bn in 2005) and dominates the world shaving market. Its executives (and BBDO) would no doubt say that its advertising (‘the best a man can get’) has played a key role in achieving this whatever the rest of us think. And Moorhead will be by no means the most senior marketer there.

But changes are afoot at Gillette as boss Ed Shirley, P&G’s vice-president beauty and grooming and a pre-merger senior Gillette executive, is retiring at the young age of 54.

So should BBDO be on its guard? Moorhead didn’t actually appoint W+K to Old Spice, he joined a year after the business moved there from Saatchi & Saatchi. But he undoubtedly developed a strong relationship with W+K as he explains here in an Ad Age video.

Well at least the boys at BBDO know what’s expected of them.

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