Nestle goes back to baby milk market but this time it’s with a premium Nespresso-style product

Mention Nestle and baby milk and many people around the world will see red as the Swiss food giant was widely castigated in the 1970s over the marketing of its powdered milk which mothers in some parts of the world mixed with contaminated water.

But mothers in Africa and the like are going to struggle to afford Nestle’s new BabyNes, milk powder capsules and a machine based on its hugely profitably Nespresso system and set to retail in home country Switzerland at SFr249 with packages of 26 capsules selling for between SFr49-SFr55.

This is four times the cost of Nespresso capsules so presumably the product is aimed at very upmarket babies.

Nespresso, aimed at real coffee drinkers who lack the barrista skills to operate a real coffee machine, is one of Nestle’s most profitable products, worth around $3.4bn to the company worldwide. It has recently introduced another similar coffee product, Dolce Gusto, and Special T.

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