More bad news for DraftFCB as Taco Bell franchisees demand change of advertising agency

DraftFCB in Chicago is having a worrying time at the moment, it’s still waiting to hear if SC Johnson is going to shift its $1bn account following the departure of account baron Mark Modesto and now Taco Bell franchisees are queueing up to say the agency’s advertising is rubbish.

The Taco Bell franchise board isn’t happy, and it’s pressing for Taco Bell to launch an agency review.

According to the franchisees: “A core responsibility of our advertising agency is to produce creative that effectively promotes our menu. Ads in the past 12 to 18 months have been largely ineffective, and we believe that an agency review should take place. Taco Bell Corporate, in conjunction with Franmac (the franchisees) should immediately undertake an agency review. Without a doubt, we will learn new things, obtain fresh ideas, and be further ahead, even if we decide to stay with the incumbent agency.”

Franchisees, of course, are very conservative. they know they can sell the old stuff but are suspicious of anything new.

When McDonald’s in the UK introduced its first ‘healthy menu’ about ten years ago there was blood all over the carpet. The franchisees thought their business was being undermined while McDonald’s execs scrapped over the benefits (or not) of selling six apple slices for a quid.

But Taco Bell is worth $250m billings equivalent to DraftFCB and agency owner Interpublic.

Has Yum Brands, the owner, received a call from Crispin Porter+Bogusky, the former Burger King agency, yet?

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