It’s that man Branson again, this time making his ad debut for Virgin Mobile

I can’t believe that this is the first time Richard Branson has appeared in a commercial (he’s hardly a stranger to self promotion) but so it’s reported.

Maybe they mean a commercial for one of his own brands. Even then….

Anyway here he is in a commercial by Mother to launch Virgin mobile’s ‘unlimited’ text and data service in the US.

I’d stick to the day job Richard.

Much funnier than the ad is the truth it reveals about Branson and his agencies. Paul Simons recently regaled us here with gruesome stories about being summoned to the great man’s Holland Park, London, mansion to be given the third degree over the latest ad.

But the notion of inventing a ‘celebrity’ entity ‘Sparah’, combining two hitherto unknown people, Spencer and Sarah, Brangelina-style is a good one and Mother, as you’d expect, is on much better form with this ad. Maybe the absence of the boss helped.

The PR lady is just wonderful.

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