Footballer we couldn’t name (Ryan Giggs) still subject of banning order by out of touch judges

Mr Justice Eady, who will go down in British legal history as one of the barmiest judges even that bizarre legal system has ever produced, ruled this afternoon that the British press and other media (including your correspondent presumably) were still bound by the terms of an injunction preventing the naming of the Manchester United player (even though everyone, including the BBC, has).

Giggs, who may well be in the starting X1 for Manchester United in the Champion’s League final against Barcelona on Saturday, and his legal team are maintaining that publication of his role in the alleged affair with C-list celeb Imogen Thomas in the newspapers (as opposed to on Twitter) will cause him and his family grief.

But as the old style cops used to say, “if you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime.”

Celebrities hiding their misdemeanours behind stories that their children will be bullied in the playground really are scraping the bottom of the moral barrel.

Well we are where we are (not thanks to Judge Eady).

What other details of high profile UK injuncters might emerge?

If you’re curious (and not addicted to Twitter) keep an eye on Wikipedia.

As for me I’m just pleased to see the British legal legal profession with its tail between its legs. They really are a pompous lot, even the good ones.

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