Fallon’s Cadbury ad isn’t racist but they should still have avoided bringing Naomi Campbell into it

You’re in a meeting for Cadbury’s Bliss chocolate and you want to do an ad lightly sending up its (deliberate) blingy image.

Why not a diva-ish supermodel someone says – and everyone immediately thinks of Naomi Campbell, the most famous black woman on the planet after Oprah Whinfrey and Beyonce.

And then you think, put that one in the ‘too difficult drawer’ and think of something (not someone) else.

Alas ad agency Fallon and Cadbury didn’t and now it’s innocuous press ad has been castigated for racism by Operation Black Vote (whatever that is) and even Valerie Campbell, Naomi’s mother who always seemed quite sensible.

Cadbury has pulled it with a quite measured apology.

Naomi herself hasn’t pronounced yet but she’s ‘reported’ to be thinking of suing Cadbury. She’s no stranger to lawyers of course but one suspects she didn’t much enjoy the last instance (the ‘blood diamond’ affair) so that seems unlikely.

Cadbury only found its way to Fallon London after sister agency Saatchi goofed with its Jonathan Glazer ‘devil’ ad for Cadbury’s Flake (which never ran, alas)

C’mon chaps, concentrate.

Bet they’re loving this at Kraft.

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