Ex ‘governator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger can always fall back on making ads in Japan if he has to

Former California governor and muscle man film star Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the soup at the moment, needing not just a new job but a new wife as Kennedy clan spouse Maria Shriver has walked out on him following the revelation that he fathered a child with a long-serving member of the couple’s household staff.

But, as Adweek reminds us, Arnie, star of the Terminator movie among others (including Conan the Barbarian but that’s a bit close to home just now) has made a nice pot of money over the years making ads for Japan.

This is a pretty common way for many actors to top up their pension funds as Japanese ads don’t usually travel (or they don’t allow them to travel).

Here’s one.

I guess you had to be there. Here’s the full YouTube collection for Arnie fans. It’s actually very funny.

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