Entertainment marketing giant Trailer Park brings Hollywood approach to Atkins diet

LA-based entertainment marketing and (now) ad agency Trailer Park began by producing and marketing film trailers but convergence is all in advertising these days and it’s just been hired as the ad agency for Atkins Nutritionals, whose best-known product is the high protein, low carbs Atkins diet.

Trailer Park’s clients include 2K Games, AMD, Columbia Pictures, Disney, MTV, Procter & Gamble, State of California, Warner Bros. and Universal Theme Parks. It claims to be the world’s biggest entertainment marketing agency.

Atkins Nutritionals CMO Scott Parker says: “I look forward to partnering with Trailer Park, and pioneering the next generation of client/agency relationship, a nimble, just-in-time approach to strategic development, creative and production that is perfect for moderately-sized, growing brands like Atkins.”

Parker previously worked as marketing boss of diet company Jenny Craig, where he recruited Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli as spokespeople.

There’s the rub really, Parker wants a ‘nimble’ agency (wasn’t Nimble a weight loss brand in the UK once?), in other words one that can work on a project basis rapidly.

Lots of clients want that these days and conventional ad agencies are trying to invade production company territory just as production companies like Trailer Park are getting into advertising.

Being nimble might be the key to who wins. Ad agencies, alas, aren’t known for their nimbleness.

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