Blow for Simon Cowell and Pepsi as Fox cuts Cheryl Cole from US X Factor

We’ve noted before here that the Simon Cowell talent show formula is running out of gas and now the much-hyped US version of the X Factor, sponsored by PepsiCo, has hit its first hiccup with Brit Celeb Cheryl Cole being replaced by Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

Apparently Fox execs weren’t convinced that anyone in the US could interpret Cheryl’s Geordie accent.

Cowell’s spinners are saying that this is just a publicity stunt and Wor Cheryl will be back soon.

Au fin de le jour viewers tire of all these format TV shows, these days more quickly than ever as more copycats emerge and people just get fed up with the same old stuff.

But broadcasters and the brands who stump up much of the money don’t get it, they think that what worked last time is worth more next time.

ITV, which is running the next series of the X Factor without both Cowell and Cole must be panicking a bit. But maybe Cheryl will return to the UK to do this.

Simon Cowell, of course, has made a fortune from his re-invention of the old talent show.

But the fat lady’s singing as far as the X Factor is concerned (we don’t mean you Cheryl).

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