WPP and Ogilvy & Mather to open new agency for Chinese exporters

Blue chip ad agency Ogilvy & Mather is launching a new agency to market Chinese products to the rest of the world.

O&M CEO Miles Young, who made his reputation in direct marketing in the UK before going off to run O&M Far East from Hong Kong, has recruited former China Daily executive Lyndon Cao to run the new business.

Initially this will be based in New York but has plans to open in Brazil, India and Africa.

“The old notion that the world has a one-way street coming from the West is dead and buried,” Yong says. “China is clearly emerging as a leader.”

WPP has invested heavily in China and the Far East but, to date, this has focussed on marketing Western companies in China. But Chinese manufacturers are beginning to take bigger shares of world markets. Lenovo (formerly IBM) computers being just one example.

But Young and WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell are clearly calculating that helping Chinese companies expand their business overseas will also help win them business in China.

And put them in pole position to win business from the many overseas companies that cash-rich Chinese companies are intent on acquiring.

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