Up yours coalition government says exiting COI boss Mark Lund as he starts Now agency with Waitrose

You couldn’t make it up really. Two weeks ago ago COI boss Mark Lund, the man running the coalition government’s much-reduced advertising service, announced he was leaving and a few days later announced that his new agency Now had won the Waitrose account.

Today the Government has announced he’s being allowed to leave two months early, presumably so he can get another job. Guys he’s got one!

Will Mark get his full civil service pension and an OBE?

He did the right thing of course after having his achievements at the COI over the last few years brutally slaughtered by cabinet office minister Francis Maude, chancellor George Osborne and his consgliere Danny Alexander.

The guy taking over is Chris Wood, who I’ve never heard of but that doesn’t mean anything.

But does anyone in the current coalition government read the papers, let alone know what’s going on?

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