Under fire former News of the World editor Andy Coulson tries his luck in the PR trade

Andy Coulson is not just the former News of the World editor most implicated in the ongoing phone hacking scandal but, until recently, coalition PM David Cameron’s director of communications so he knows a bit about public relations.

But, as some of his new PR peers queue up to tell PR Week, the problem for him is that he (unlike his clients) remains the big story.

But a man’s got to earn a living (and in Coulson’s case presumably has lawyers to pay) so he’s set up a PR consultancy called Elbrus with his wife Eloise and two of his old muckers from advertising, Euro RSCG’s David Jones and Kate Robertson, have become his first clients with their One Young World environmental outfit.

The two worked with Coulson on the Tory Party’s election campaign last year although Euro RSCG was rudely dumped in favour of veteran propagandists M&C Saatchi when some of their ads proved too easy to doctor and send up on the internet.

Mt Elbrus in the Caucasus is Europe’s highest mountain so Coulson is presumably setting his sights high. One of his predecessors at the News of the World Phil Hall has prospered mightily in PR with his company PHA Media (originally Phil Hall Associates).

Mt Elbrus is also an inactive volcano and one of these days might go off presumably.

Coulson will be hoping it doesn’t happen to him.

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