Saatchi muscles in on Kellogg’s with sustainability win

Saatchi and Saatchi has won Kellogg’s sustainability strategy and activation plan across the EMEA region, the agency’s first Kellogg’s brief and an appointment which won’t have gone down particularly well with long-time Kellogg’s brand agency Leo Burnett.

Quite what the assignment entails can only be known at this stage by Saatchi and Kellogg’s (and maybe they haven’t decided yet) but sustainability has taken over from corporate and social responsibility as the buzzword de nos jours.

The account has actually been won by something called Saatchi and Saatchi S (which looks like a slip of the keyboard but isn’t) with the S presumably standing for sustainability. This has the inimitable stamp of Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts, the ‘Lovemarks’ man, and says its intention is to ‘activate companies for good.’

Unilever recently appointed sustainability expert Marc Mathieu as number two to CMO Keith Weed so we can expect to see a lot of it (sustainability that is) soon.

Anyone who’s opened a box of cereal recently will know that there’s a lot of packaging surrounding not very much cereal. Will the intrepid Roberts recommend that Special K is packaged in reusable organic brown bags?

Anyway it’s good for Saatchi if not necessarily Burnett.

Both are owned by Publicis Groupe of course, so boss Maurice Levy won’t mind too much.

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