Probably the best tagline in the world? Carlsberg changes its tune

“Probably the best beer in the world” has been the proud boast of Carlsberg for decades but the Danish-based brewer is changing its tune, outside the UK anyway.

Carlsberg is in the midst of a big brand revamp which includes new packaging and it’s resurrected a slogan, “that calls for a Carlsberg,” that it claims to have first used in 1957 and then in the 1970s.

This has aroused the ire of US brewing giant Budweiser which says Carlsberg is ripping off its 2001 slogan “This calls for a Bud Light.”

So some this and that for the lawyers to argue over.

Probably the best beer in the world has been the trigger for some excellent Carlsberg advertising but doesn’t seem to hit the spot with primarily young beer drinkers any more.

Carlsberg says it will probably keep the ‘probably’ tagline in the UK, which accounts for about 40 per cent of its profits (suggesting that the UK has probably the best beer margins in the world).

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