Nielsen chooses David & Goliath’s Kia campaign as best in US as European business reviews

It’s never safe to venture into the deep water is it? Assume clients are happy, that is.

Campaign reported this week that Hyundai’s Kia brand is approaching agencies about its European business even as incumbent David & Goliath’s TV campaign for the Kia Soul was being chosen by market researcher Nielsen as the most effective in America, for the second year running.

David & Goliath positions itself (as its name suggests) as the agency for ‘challenger’ brands.

Maybe Kia, which has prospered mightily around the world (particularly in the US) through the recession sees itself as an established brand these days.

It’s certainly worth a lot of money, a reported £60m in Europe and $195m in the US.

If D&G repitches in Europe (which surely it will) the rapping hamsters can be expected to play a big part.

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