New Walkers Crinkles ad is a bridge too far for Gary Lineker and Elle Macpherson

You can see the temptation can’t you? An ironic prose poem for Walkers Crinkles with long-time Walkers front man Gary Lineker rolling around on the beach while new guest artiste Elle Macpherson finally realises that he’s more interested in Crinkles than her.

Well it probably seemed a good idea at the time and I bet the client applauded when he was shown the commercial by agency Abbott Mead Vickers/BBDO.

But this version anyway is too long, too indulgent and ex-footballer Gary Winston Lineker, born 1960, is too old. And, to be rather cruel about it, the Walkers Crinkles market probably won’t know who Elle Macpherson is.

Abbott Mead fell into this trap back in the 1980s when its much-praised and long-running Sainsbury’s campaign featuring various celebrities disappeared up its own rear end when the celebs became the point, not the product.

Nice old classic tune though.

For those of you of a historical disposition, this is the original from 1797, adapted in the 1960s by Carole Bayer Sager and Toni Wine.

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    But who IS the vocalist on this Walkers Crinkles ad??