McDonald’s runs big McJobs campaign for US hiring spree

Managers at McDonald’s (and the staff presumably) hate the snarky McJobs description of its low-paid positions but the company has been tackling the issue head on recently with a series of ads plugging careers, or McJobs.

This is one of a series to promote its April 19 hiring day when it hopes to recruit 50,000 people.

It’s all part of a trend of companies promoting the company itself, or aspects of it, rather than its consumer brands. Readers of some UK magazines last weekend were surprised (and in many cases baffled I suspect) to see something called P&G plugging Mother’s Day with not a brand (or picture) in sight.

These things come and go of course. In the UK back in the 1980s so-called corporate advertising was all the rage with big companies telling viewers of high-rating upmarket programmes like ITV’s News At Ten what good eggs they were.

Here’s one from British Telecom that more or less qualifies.

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