Kraft rides to the rescue of its orphan brands with newbie agency roster

We all know about ‘orphan’ or ghost brands, the ones that get left by the wayside in big multi-brand companies.

Well they don’t come much bigger than Kraft and it’s hit on an ingenious way of finding out if there’s some life left in these, by appointing a roster of agencies new to Kraft to work their magic.

Here’s a campaign for Breakstone’s sour cream from Interpublic-owned The Martin Agency.

Breakstone’s, which trades as Knudsen on the West Coast, spent just $331,000 last year compared to over $10m in 2009.

Another one is Athenos, which recently appointed Droga5.

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    It’s interesting to see that Kraft are investing in ATL support to reignite consumer interest in their orphan brands. In our experience, orphan brands have the best chance of recapturing past glories when they still have an underlying consumer awareness and emotional connection that makes them worth reinvesting in. So the real trick is in updating that connection to show that the brand still has a role and relevance in today’s lives. Why is this brand worth reconsidering? Is there a clearly defined consumer need the brand can fulfil today? What is the updated product story and how can it trigger memories of what was best about the brand but avoid too much time down memory lane? What’s the trade story that will ensure they give you (re)discovery time on shelf? Ads have their place of course, but will only work when the product proposition is updated for today’s consumers.