It’s finally here, Facebook’s magic book for creatives

It looks a bit mundane actually but Facebook’s eagerly-awaited new site to entice creatives is finally with us. is full of handy hints and examples about how to provide creativity to reach the social network site’s 500m and rising global users.

Clearly creatives will be queueing up to find ways to use the site, simply because their clients and their bosses will demand that they do.

But creatives, however well-schooled they are, tend to like what they like. They like big TV commercials and YouTube virals which give them two minutes. They quite like posters if they can’t get a camera in their hands. They hate radio and don’t much like print because print’s mostly about price offers and big logos these days.

Anyway, at least Facebook is trying. And it’s a huge boost for the ever-growing awards industry which will be running ‘best use of Facebook’ Grand Prix in industrial quantities very soon.

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Stephen is a former editor of Marketing Week and London Evening Standard advertising columnist. He wrote City Republic for Brand Republic and is a partner in communications consultancy The Editorial Partnership.