Is Microsoft barking up the wrong tree with JWT’s Bing ‘search overload’ campaign?

Well lots of people think it is, by proposing a condition, ‘search overload’ that doesn’t actually exist.

The strategy for the Bing search campaign is almost identical to the Windows Phone 7, that other phones give you a load of stuff you don’t need or can’t use. But that doesn’t stop us wanting the phones of course.

As for search it doesn’t really matter how many options Google throws at you, you just carry on doing what you’ve always done with a few more options. So JWT’s clever line, ‘stop searching start deciding’ doesn’t really hit the spot.

And the dad in the ad is a complete prat….

Oh well, it’s the curse of Microsoft advertising. Even the mighty Crispin Porter + Bogusky came unstuck with this epic featuring Jerry Seinfeld and company founder Bill Gates.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says in his new book that the company doesn’t really understand marketing to consumers having made its vast fortune marketing to businesses. Maybe he’s right, it’s the ultimate left brain company.

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