Guardian’s secret footballer has to be Fulham’s Danny Murphy

Fulham’s Danny Murphy was one of the pundits for Sky at Aston Villa versus Newcastle today and he did sound rather a lot like the Guardian’s secret footballer.

For those of you who don’t read the Guardian on Saturdays this is a Premiership footballer who writes a weekly column containing his articulate and intelligent views about all things Premiership.

Why he even knows who Lord Triesman and Sir Dave Richards are.

To put it bluntly, he doesn’t sound like most ideas of a Premiership footballer; being intelligent, balanced, grounded and (fairly) humble.

Which obviously narrows it down a bit, unless the Guardian is foxing us all by making it up, and they don’t so things like that in Kings Cross do they?

Neither does the player in question sound like a current international or one who plays for a team at the frenetic, Champions League-obsessed top end of the table.

And his favourite writer is Rudyard Kipling, very footballerish somehow (‘those two imposters Triumph and Disaster…you’ll be a man my son’) And the likely choice of a non-intellectual man who reads books.

Murphy fits the bill; talking today about his old boss at Liverpool Gerard Houllier, under whom he won a fair few honours, he was exactly the right combination of seasoned old pro and intelligent analyst to fit the secret footballer profile.

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    He’s leading the polls at as well, though there is a nagging doubt…