Coke confirms end to Rooney deal after camera confrontation

In fact it’s like placing flowers by the headstone of this particular affair as ever-controversial footballer Wayne Rooney’s marketing deal with Coca-Cola has been toast since he was revealed consorting with ladies of the night during wife Coleen’s pregnancy last year and then pictured relieving himself against a wall, cigarette in the other hand.

Coke says the deal was not renewed at the end of 2010, which presumably means that his digital TV show Wayne Rooney Street Striker sponsored by Coke Zero is nixed (a shame in a way because this was a clever idea, product placement before it was officially allowed on UK TV) and he won’t be appearing in any more Powerade ads.

These are pretty good too, holding out the intriguing prospect of Wayne launching a two-footed tackle on himself.

Rooney’s latest faux pas was to tell the camera at a football match at the weekend to fuck off after he’d scored his hat trick goal against West Ham. Quite what point he was trying to make and to whom remains a mystery.

The Coke Zero deal was worth £600,000 a year, Powerade was presumably extra.

Rooney still has deals with EA and the ubiquitous Nike. Neither company is as straightlaced as Coke but they’ll be feeling a little nervous.

What will Wayne do next?

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