C’est toujours Provence in Clonmel as The Red Brick Road unveils new campaign for Magners

It takes you right back to those Provencal types performing so memorably for Stella Artois at Lowe Howard-Spink, the latest campaign for Irish cider Magners by Lowe breakaway The Red Brick Road conjures up a similar, enchanted universe.

And what’s wrong with that? It worked mightily for Stella and it seems to be doing the same for Magners.

Before it appointed TRBR Magners was in danger of being a one-shot Irish company, chilled pear ‘cider’ sold at a stonking premium but set to be zonked by the next summer’s next cool drink.

But the great thing about the Lowe gang, wherever they ship up, is that they like telling stories with lots of episodes (good for the bottom line as well of course) and that’s a great way to keep brands fresh.

Oxo used to do it with Katie, Lowe did it for Tesco with Dottie (aka Prunella Scales).

Mostly these days it’s regarded as too expensive and Magners will probably only make a couple of commercials this year.

But it works.

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