Whoops! Setback for news anchor Clyde Gray’s ad agency after ethics outcry

There’s a long history of journalists going into advertising – the great Leo Burnett began his career as a scribe – but it’s rather unusual to do so when you’re still writing or, in the case of WCPO-TV news anchor Clyde Gray, performing on screen.

Imagine the outcry in the UK if Jon Snow or John Humphrys announced they were to try to imitate Sir Martin Sorrell.

That’s what Gray announced he was going to do anyway, admittedly in a rather smaller way than Sir Martin. The Cincinnati-based agency, C Gray & Associates, is slated to work for the Grand Victoria Casino and The Overhead Door Company of Greater Cincinnati.

But maybe local firm Procter & Gamble was waiting around the corner.

Now, following an outcry from journalist unions and alarm from his employers, Gray has said he’s going to step back from the agency and change its name.

But he doesn’t seem to be giving up entirely.

His contract with WCPO-TV expires in 2013 so clearly he’s got his retirement strategy already in place.

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