Well here he is again, Sir Martin Sorrell still talking about WPP’s numbers and why pay walls are a good thing at two in the morning

Doesn’t the guy sleep? Well clearly not.

He found time at 2am New York time to talk to CNBC Europe’s Squark Box financial news show about WPP’s revenue and profits (understandable), why he’s going to pay shareholders an increased dividend rather than buy a big company (out of character, he’ll never keep it up) and why he thinks his old pal Rupert Murdoch should be allowed to buy Sky (and why pay walls for editorial content are a good thing).

And not the slightest sign of taking a well-earned Martini or three.

Someone told me the other day that the only reason Sorrell left Saatchis was that Charles and Maurice wouldn’t give him shares in the business (Charlie only really trusted Maurice, reacting violently to anyone who was described by the press as a ‘third’ brother).

Would have been interesting if he’d stayed. Sorrell’s buys of JWT and O&M (despite a few alarums) were a lot more successful than Saatchi’s purchase of Ted Bates.

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