Red Nose Day fatigue is here already and there’s still ten days to go

In keeping with our curmudgeonly attitude to charities aren’t ‘cha sick of the BBC’s annual children’s charities fund-raiser Red Nose Day already? And it doesn’t happen until March 18.

Like all these one-time good ideas for good causes it seems to have taken on a momentum of its own that’s become more irritating with each passing year. These days it seems mostly an excuse for celebs (including newsreaders) to show what good sorts they are by dressing up and performing as vaudeville troupers.

Are they doing it for charity or themselves?

And it’s become like St Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or even Easter (the Easter egg season now seems to start on January 10th or thereabouts) as big stores leap on the bandwagon, seeing an opportunity to batter their customers into, in this case, buying red everything including red noses for their cars.

Sainsbury’s seem to be the official commercial perpetrator in chief of this nonsense this year.

Splendidly grumpy hackette Lynn Barber interviewed Sarah Brown at the weekend about her diary Behind the Black Door (isn’t that a reference to a famous old porn film?) about her time in Downing Street trying to prevent husband and PM Gordon Brown from chewing the furniture.

Sarah is a major figure on the charity circuit these days, turning up to the opening of an envelope with her good friends who include model Naomi Campbell, not always famous for her charity to employees.

Why do these people have to go out every night, munching canapes and swigging champagne for charity, mused Lynn. They could stay at home and send a cheque.


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