Pornstar Ron Jeremy leads ranks of ‘bad boy’ celebrity endorsers

These days it seems that any celebrity endorser will do. Latest out of the block is pornstar Ron Jeremy, famed for exposing his generous endowment in over 1,000 porn films dating back to the 1970s.

Ron has retired from the silver screen these days but now has his very own brand of Panamanian rum, an upmarket confection called Ron de Jeremy (ron is Spanish for rum apparently).

Once upon a time celebrity endorsers were wholesome types (or types with a wholesome image anyway), think Ronald Reagan for Chesterfield cigarettes.

Alas wholesomeness is in rather shorter supply these days as a less respectful media delight in showing that stars and others have feet of clay.

So more brands are turning to bad boys (and girls).

It’s probably only a matter of time before Procter & Gamble signs up worrying actor Charlie Sheen.

Ron’s commercial (above) ends, as drink ads have to, with the exhortation: enjoy responsibly.

Much like the advice offered to Ron’s co-stars in his heyday presumably.

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