Now Cadbury is launching Oreos in India!

Hang on a minute, Cadbury doesn’t make Oreos.

But it does now, at least in India where the Kraft product is now to be manufactured under the Cadbury brand name rather than imported.

Actually Oreo cookies (biscuits in the UK) for India will be made for Cadbury (and Kraft) by Jalandhar company Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities, (left) a move which will dramatically bring down the price.

Cookie (or biscuit) sales are growing by 17 per cent annually in India apparently.

Kraft seems to have decided to use the Cadbury brand because of its existing strength in India through its sales of milk chocolate, cocoa and drinking chocolate. A legacy of the British Empire no doubt.

Anyway it’s jolly decent of Kraft (which has taken all sorts of stick for taking rather than giving in terms of its acquisition of Cadbury) to award the chocolate boys one of its own star brands.

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