Mile High Madness they call it, has Air New Zealand completely lost its marbles?

Air New Zealand is running this film to encourage its passengers to put their seatbelts on before flying and try to remember where the exits are when a plane comes down in the Tasmanian Sea.

The film from New Zealand agency .99 features US ‘fitness personality’ Richard Simmons who comes across like a gay version of Paul Daniels in a leotard.

UK agency Albion has recently opened an office in Los Angeles in a bid to expand globally based on the Air New Zealand account.

If you meet someone from Albion mention .99, retire ten yards and wait for the sound of breaking glass.

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    Definitely the best safety video I’ve seen. I think it works well with Albion’s Air New Zealand work, most of which I like. .99’s video and Albion’s ads help give the airline a strong, friendly, fun personality.