Microsoft in a rage over Facebook’s poaching of ad sales boss Carolyn Everson

And it seems to be CEO Steve Ballmer (not a man to tangle with) who’s the crossest of the lot, threatening to sue Facebook and Carolyn Everson for all sorts of things.

According to CNET Microsoft wants to prevent Everson using any knowledge she’s gained at Microsoft for Facebook (pretty difficult without a brain operation) and be prevented from approaching any Microsoft ad clients for an extended period.

Or prevent the move entirely (equally unlikely).

Anyway it’s a serious spat as Microsoft was an early stage investor in Facebook and, according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, is “still one of our most valued partners.”

In which case it would have been a good idea to have called Ballmer before the news leaked out, but maybe they were scared.

Everson is said by some industry gossips to have decided to depart Microsoft when attending a technology conference in Barcelona with Ballmer, which may well have been an exhausting experience.

Still it’s good to see the world’s mightiest corporations falling out over what used to be called advertising managers.

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