Mark Lund’s new agency Now wins Waitrose – but why is it moving?

A week or so ago former DLKW founder and latterly COI head Mark Lund set up a new agency called Now with planner Kate Waters and creative John Townshend.

Now Now (it gets worse) has won £25m Waitrose supermarkets, quite a start in life.

But the team that handled Waitrose at MCBD (which is now called Dare) and owned by an outfit called Vision 7 is moving with the account. And Vision 7 is likely to take a stake in new agency Now, the one that’s just pinched its biggest account.

Waitrose marketing director Rupert Thomas told Campaign that he was discussing the future of the account with various folks “including a combination of the current team who work with us and the Now agency”.

The team in question seem to be Ken Hoggins, Jeremy Carr and Melissa Robertson, at which point all this seems to make a bit more sense.

Creative Hoggins has had a long association with Waitrose, first at indie agency Banks Hoggins O’Shea, then moving with the account to MCBD. It sounds as though Lund and the team at Now decided (rightly) that the presence of Hoggins would get their new agency off to a flying start.

As for Vision 7, another Canada-based holding company that owns the Cossette agency and digital outfit EdC (in which Dare sits) it seems to be making the best of a bad job.

Waitrose, of course, could have had the pick of just about any agency in London. It is reported to be planning to keep an eagle eye on the activities and performance of the new agency.

But these retailers seems to become very attached to their favourite admen and Hoggins has pulled again (rather like Sir Frank Lowe with Tesco).

Waitrose advertising is a bit like the Heston Blumenthal show these days. Let’s hope Heston moves across too.

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